Green Batteries Conference 2021
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Green Batteries Conference 2021

EWA Battery recycling
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The Green Batteries Conference 2021 is dedicated to providing a look at the entire battery value chain, from raw materials to current and future cell and system technologies, operation and maintenance, end-of-life, reuse, recycling - reprocessing of battery components, functional materials, and the political and regulatory framework. International experts from upstream and downstream the value chain meet virtually to discuss the latest developments.


The conference will take place as free of charge online event:
October 2021, 5/12/19/26
(every Tuesday afternoon 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. / UTC +2 (DST))

The timing fits well, the EU Green Deal and strategic research initiatives on European cell manufacturing are gaining momentum, and the questions of raw material requirements and resource-saving innovative technologies are being widely discussed. Research and development are using new ways to create powerful and environmentally friendly batteries – faster and more efficiently with fewer resources, and the European Union is set to rewrite the rules in the EU with the new Battery Regulation.



Six thematic sessions #

The program will be supplemented by round table discussions, for example on the new Battery Regulation, and workshops. Conference sessions will be held throughout October 2021 every Tuesday afternoon between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. / UTC +2 (DST)

Resources and
raw materials

Battery recycling


Recyclability of battery cells, packs, systems, design for recycling, manufacturing for recycling

Why you should join?

The Green Batteries Conference 2021 is aimed at scientists and professionals from academia and industry as well as students. The sessions will provide a unique and comprehensive insight into the entire battery value chain, from raw materials to future material development to sustainable reuse and recycling for closed-loop recyclability, as well as an overview to current regulatory innovations.

The key notes of each session provide an in-depth overview of the topics covered, while the subsequent technical presentations delve deeper into current research - thus benefiting both experts in the respective field and interested parties from other disciplines along the value chain.

Second life, testing, classification, logistics etc.


(sociological, economical, ecological impacts of batteries)


Alternative “green battery” technologies


Organized by#

Advisory Board/Scientific Board#

Corsin Battaglia, EMPA | Andreas Bittner, European Lithium Institute | Claude Chanson, RECHARGE Battery Association | Kristina Edström, co-ordinator of the European Initiative Battery 2030+, Uppsala Universitet | Lev Filippov, Université de Lorraine | Philippe Jacques, EMIRI | Henning Lorrmann, Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC | Marcel Meeus, consultant to EMIRI | Christoph Herrmann, Competence Cluster Recycling & Green Battery, Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST | Guido Sonnemann, Université de Bordeaux | Sigita Trabesinger, Paul Scherrer Institut