Green Batteries Conference 2021
Call for papers

From now on you have the possibility to submit abstracts for presentations within the thematic sessions or also for a free topic.

The contributions will be reviewed by the scientific board, free contributions also with regard to their topics.

The following deadlines apply to the submission of abstracts/contributions/proposals to the Green Batteries Conference 2021.


Abstract submission:

until August 13, 2021

Review by the Scientific Board:

August 3 - September 9, 2021

Authors will be notified:

in September 2021

Selection criteria are solely content, form and scientific quality of the contributions. The decision on whether a submitted paper is accepted will be made by the reviewers of the Scientific Board and the Advisory Board of the Green Batteries Conference.


Legal notice


By submitting his abstract to Green Batteries Concerence, the author grants a simple, irrevocable right of use to this contribution, unrestricted in terms of content.

The right of use includes in particular the editing and publication of the abstract on the conference website. The author assures to be the owner of the necessary rights and indemnifies the Green Batteries Conference from claims of third parties, which could arise from the publication of the abstract.

Program structure


Currently, six thematic sessions are planned; if necessary, this will be extended upon submission of correspondingly interesting presentations.

  • Resources & raw materials
  • Battery recycling technologies
  • Recyclability of battery cells, packs, systems, design for recycling, manufacturing for ­recycling
  • Second life, testing, classification, logistics etc.
  • Sustainability (sociological, economical, ­ecological impacts of batteries)
  • Alternative “green battery” technologies

General information


Due to the online nature of the event, the thematic sessions will be spread over several afternoon sessions in October. Two sessions are planned for each date (always on Tuesdays). The exact allocation will be made during the review by the Scientific Board.

  • The speaking time for the keynotes is 30 minutes, for free papers 15 min. 
  • Abstracts must have an organized structure (research question, methodology, results, conclusions).
  • Abstracts can contain up to 2,000 characters. They must be submitted in English and be ready for publication.