Scientific Publications


  • Macher, Sven:
    New Roll-to-Roll Processable PEDOT-Based Polymer with Colorless Bleached State for Flexible Electrochromic Devices
    Advanced Functional Materials (Impact Factor 2018: 15.6),



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  • Flegler, A.; Hartmann, S.; Settelein, J.; Mandel, K.; Sextl, G.:
    Screen Printed Bifunctional Gas Diffusion Electrodes for Aqueous Metal-Air Batteries: Combining the Best of the Catalyst and Binder World.
    Electrochimica Acta 258 (2017) 495-503 und Electrochimica Acta (2017)
  • Flegler, A., Müssig, S., Prieschl, J., Mandel, K., Sextl, G.:
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    Electrochimica Acta 231 (2017) 216-222
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  • Settelein, J., Lorrmann, H., Sextl, G.:
    Evaluating the lead affinity of graphite additives in lead acid batteries by electrochemical deposition.
    Electrochimica Acta 233 (2017) 173-180



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