The Fraunhofer R&D Center for Electromobility Bavaria is your partner for the development, testing, and optimization of materials, components, and processes for batteries.

We offer R&D services for lithium-ion (LIB), sodium-ion (SIB) and solid state battery (SSB) technologies, battery recycling, modern lead-acid batteries, as well as electrochromic systems. With a track record of more than 20 years and an interdisciplinary team of more than 35 experts we are one of the largest battery research groups in Germany.

We provide the right solutions for customers from various industries, e. g. battery cell manufacturers, cell users as well as chemical and materials companies:

  • Development of materials and components for customer-specific battery systems
  • Customized process development
  • Development of electrochromic materials and devices
  • Analytical, testing and characterization services
  • Battery manufacturing for cell prototypes and small batches
  • Consulting services
  • Feasibility studies
  • National/International R&D collaborations

The Center supports your material and component development from first proof of concept up to market launch.


"We provide solutions for present and future batteries, powered by human experts, autonomous robots and specialized test devices. We dedicate our efforts to our partners, customers and the society."


Our Core Competencies



  • Upgraded / novel active materials
  • Polymer electrolytes
  • Components
  • Materials for lead-acid batteries


  • Semi-automized electrode
    & cell manufacturing
  • Solid-state cell concepts

Testing / Analytics

  • Battery cell / module testing
  • Temperature-controlled ageing
  • Sensor development
  • Tear-down analysis


  • Recyclability & design for recycling
  • Direct recycling processes
  • Materials regeneration
    & refunctionalization

Electrochromic Systems

  • Organic & inorganic thin film materials
  • Process development & automation
  • Cell assembly
  • Cycling / durability testing


  • Hands-on battery workshops for industry and academia
  • Customer-specific seminars and tutorials
  • Bachelor / Master / PhD thesis
  • Internships for students


  • Semantic layer for research & production
  • Ontology, data model & infrastructure
  • Lab & data pipeline automation 
  • Hybrid AI accelerated materials research


  • National
  • EU
  • Industry

News and Events


The REWIND project: A leap into the future for battery recycling

Significantly improve the recyclability of batteries in order to increase resource efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Scientific publication

Investigation of Acoustic Attenuation

and Resonances in Lithium-Ion Batteries using Ultrasound Spectroscopy

Scientific publication

Factors Impacting the Photostability

of a Roll-to-Roll Processed PEDOT Derivative for Flexible Electrochromic Devices

Project MADAM4Life 04.2024

Can an improved understanding of the structure-property relationship in LIBs help to assess the cell’s actual SoH? YES! You can find all the important information about #MADAM4Life on our project website.

Launch of New EU Project “INERRANT”

Revolutionising Lithium-ion Battery Technology for Enhanced Safety

Flexible, safe and efficient recycling of Li-on batteries

The EU project "RESPECT" aims to enable an environmentally friendly recycling process for lithium-ion batteries.


Press Release 03.2024

Project "ReUse"

Efficient direct recycling for low-value lithium-ion battery waste stream

Press Release 03.2024

Project "ReUse"

Efficient direct recycling for low-value lithium-ion battery waste stream

Press Release 02.2024

Project "NaKlaR"

Component development and customized recycling for sodium-ion batteries

Battery cell and
module testing

We offer testing capabilities for high performance and large scale cells with their new high current battery laboratory