Lead-acid batteries

As state-of-the-art energy system lead-acid batteries are used in automobiles, industrial vehicles and for stationary applications. Their advantages are:

  • low cost production
  • high safety
  • nearly 100 % recyclability

Our current work

Our knowledge of materials and processes helps improve modern lead-acid batteries with regard to:

  • charging behavior
  • durability
  • cycle life

Currently, we are working on innovative materials like specially treated carbon additives to increase:

  • cycling stability
  • mass utilization
  • charge acceptance

Our competencies

With advanced testing of specially designed laboratory cells and profound analysis methods we evaluate the influence of materials and battery components on charging reactions and aging processes.

Services for our customers

The Center offers unique expertise and top-notch equipment to enhance customer products:

  • Development of lead/carbon electrodes
  • Development of active coating materials
  • Manufacturing of laboratory cells for screening and evaluation processes as well as testing and Post Mortem analysis
  • Identification of the best suited material composition or battery design for the purpose in question
  • Fast and reliabe damage analysis
  • Detection of material or manufacturing faults
  • Investigation of malfunctions caused by wrong usage