Post mortem analyses

Using aging and Post-Mortem analysis the Center understands the aging processes and mechanisms that cause aging effects or battery failures.

Our competencies

The center exercises accelerated aging tests:

  • On the basis of industry-standard test scenarios
  • Under extreme environmental conditions
  • Studying degradation meachanisms
  • Information on the robustness of cell technology

In additon, we have vast expertise in Post-Mortem analysis:

  • Computed tomography (CT) as nondestructive method to detect:
    o    manufacturing defects
    o    short circuits
    o    aging effects such as delamination
    o    contacting problems
  • Impedance analysis to locally resolve detection of changes in the material
  • Electrode analysis with XPS and EDX
  • X-ray diffraction analysis to reveale changes in the crystalline structure
  • Scanning electron microscopy to detect microscopic mechanical defects
  • Chemcial analysis methods (e. g. ICP-OES) to determine degradation products

Services for our customers

  • Assembly of test cells (pouch bag, laboratory-scale cell up to 2.5 cm2)
  • Accelerated aging tests adapted to the customer’s specific needs (maximum capacity 5 Ah)
  • Cycling tests under extreme environmental conditions (-20 °C to + 80 °C, 100 % relative humidity)
  • Nondestructive analysis for detection of defect
  • Comparative measurements before and after cell aging
  • Preparation of samples for artifact-free characterization
  • Interpretation of test results and consulting
  • Development of suitable coatings based on test results to improve cell technology