Battery and cell tests

Batteries have to withstand many charging cycles without premature degradation which can result from suboptimal operating conditions like temperature, power demand and mechanical integration. A series of tests are carried out to monitor the life span and charging behavior of batteries.

Our current work

To precisely investigate battery processes the Center performs different tests:

  • High throughput testing under controlled atmosphere
  • Analysing methods like aging cells under defined environmental conditions
  • Analysing cell behaviour under high electrical load conditions to identify the optimal balance between charging speed and durability
  • Additional testing to locate chemical changes, degradation products as well as inoperative components, using e. g. scanning electron microscopy or computer tomography
  • Further testing includes conductivity, temperature, compression, stress, and loading capacities

Our competencies

Our testing equipment is suited for laboratory and industrial scale:

  • Galvanostatic cycling
  • Testing up to 60 V, 600 V
  • 350 testing channels
  • Climate chambers
  • Temperature range -40 °C to +80 °C
  • Controlled atmosphere and defined environmental conditions

Services for our customers

We offer consulting services for battery producers and materials providers to get better and innovative materials:

  • To perform multiple analyses
  • To obtain data for subsequent research and product development
  • To develop new cells via simulation models
  • To compare different prototype cells to identify the best suited materials
  • To evaluate performance and other electrochemical parameters
  • To increase production yield without additional costs or diminishing performance

The Center even offers to train customers and project partners in the manufacturing process.