Battery and cell tests

Batteries have to withstand many charging/discharging cycles without premature degradation which can result from suboptimal operating conditions like temperature, power demand and mechanical integration. A series of tests are carried out to monitor the lifecycle as well as charging and aging behavior of batteries.

Our current work

Testing capacities for lead-acid , lithium ion and next generation battery systems:

  • Flexible and fast processing and testing of battery materials and components (screening)
  • Interactions between material properties and electrical and mechanical impacts
  • Aging investigations:
    - effect of single and coupled external factors such as pressure, temperature, current rates on cell aging
    - calendaric aging of cells e.g. for different SOC at specified temperatures
  • Ultrasonic probing (transmission) for correlation of SOC and mechanic changes within pouch cells
  • Analysing cell behavior under high electrical load conditions for identification of optimal balance between charging rate and durability
  • Testing under defined constrained conditions such as flexible and rigid compression of cells (bracing)


Our competencies

  • Galvanostatic cycling:
    - Cell testing: 296 channels @5V with up to 20 A
    - Cell testing: 4 channels @ 6V up to 600 A
    - Module testing: 2 channels @60V (CC: 40A; DC: 60A)
  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS):
    - 24 channels up to 10 A (10µHz – 7 MHz)
  • Climate chambers and temperature chambers (range: - 40 °C – + 80 °C)
  • Controlled atmosphere and defined environmental conditions

Services for our customers

We offer consulting services for battery producers and materials providers to get better and innovative materials:

  • Multiple analyses for supporting product and research development
  • Support for cell parameterization for battery modeling (BMS)
  • Testing in prototype cells for identification of best suited materials
  • Evaluation of parameters being critical for cell performance
  • Accompanying pre-series electrical tests at cell level

The Center also offers trainings for customers and project partner in prototype cell manufacturing process.