Test infrastructure

The Center for Electromobility uses various methods for testing, analysing and characterization and provides serveral services for customers. Within this subject area, we work closely with our partner Center for Applied Analytics

Measuring methods at Fraunhofer ISC

method measured Quantity Full cell
Dissection/separation Mass fraction x x x x
Impedance spectroscopy
Loss processes x x x  
Controlled ageing
Ageing behavior x x x  
Electron microscopy Microstructure and
elementary distribution
  x x  
BET-adsorption Specific surface   x    
Computed tomography Inner structure x      
Atomic emission spectroscopy ICP-OES Precision and trace analysis   x   x
Infrared spectroscopy Materials characterization     x  
X-Ray diffraction Crystal structure and phase purity   x x  
Nuclear magnetic resonance Moleculare structure       x
Thermogravimetric analysis Mass loss on increasing temperature   x x x
Differential scanning calorimetry Thermal behavior   x x x