HydroLIBRec: Optimized process chains for
hydromechanical Li-ion battery recycling

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Li-ion battery recycling
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Li-ion battery recycling

The aim of the HydroLIBRec research project is to create the technological prerequisites for a new sustainable and function-preserving battery recycling system:

  • more effective
  • economically more sensible
  • more environmentally friendly

The complete and optimized process chain should ensure the availability of lithium battery materials in Germany and Europe. The function-preserving recovery of active battery materials through chemical processing and the production of "recycled battery cells" is a cornerstone for the sustainable and necessary closure of material cycles.

HydroLIBRec models and evaluates alternative process chains as well as the variants to be compared using a life cycle assessment and economic analysis. This also includes a comparison with established processes and is intended to show what options are practically available for efficient recycling of battery materials in Germany.


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